for State Representative, District 105

"I will protect our liberties , our freedom and our constitution at all cause. No Socialist agenda will fly under my radar!"

Bring back to our schools the love for country, respect for the flag , empowerment of parents, and stop the indoctrination of  our children in the schools. 

1.  No more bias politics, no more teaching of ISLAM as a good peaceful religion, no more socialist agenda, and no more brainwashing.

2. Schols are ill-equipped in preparing our kids for jobs in the future.

3. It is time for a better educational reform in our state in which it promotes, prioritizes and focuses on innovation, creativity and job solutions for our children.

This is why I propose we

  • Eliminate unnecessary college classes.

  • Changing the dynamic and curriculum of civic courses in public schools. Informing students of how government functions, making them proud patriots of our great country. 

  •  Financial guiding and management courses in high schools.

  • Support School Choice

  • Make all college campuses a free speech zone. 


"Low taxes, healthcare and the environment are a few of the many issues I will tackle alongside the people of district 105." 


"Small Business are the backbone of this country."  

  • Focusing on building more schools, roads and infrastructure is the way we will keep building and thriving the economy for district 105.  

  • Free Market,  Free Enterprise and Economic Freedoms is  the best way for this district to move forward and prosper.

  • Reducing the amounts of regulations to open businesses. Instead of having so many permits and restrictions, let's have an easy business friendly environment. (if less regulations to open a business, there will be higher penalties for violations of business codes.) 


Florida lost $10 billion in 2012 when the red tide and toxic algae polluted our water and beaches. Protecting the everglades, our national treasure, is a priority for Barrios.  

  • Pedro supports Governor DeSantis 4 year $2.5 billion Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP), which includes:     

    • The Building of Caloosahatchee River reservoir aimed to reduce dirty discharge from Lake Okeechobee

    • Water quality restoration in our state which targets toxic algae and red tide.

"As a Clinician, Pedro works  daily with patients that are suffering from mental illness. He knows that this issue is not only local, but national." 

Public Services

According to Miami-Dade State Attorney, "In the U.S 1 in 3 runaway teens are recruited for commercial sex within 48 hours of leaving home". Barrios vouches to find and end to this adversity by:

  • Tackling Human Trafficking

  • Reforming Our Foster care system

    • Changing the foster care programs so that kids stay at a permanent school regardless of zip code. Reducing the amount of runaway foster care kids. 

    • Provide aged out foster care teens with Host Housing as long as they are enrolled in vocational school and/or college.   

  • Reduce or eliminate property taxes for retired USA citizens that are over 65 years of age. 

  • Pedro proposes the expansion of the Miami Metrorail.

    • Expanding transportation access to low income students and citizens.

    • Serving as a major boost for public transportation in our cities.

  •    I will not allow for the continual increase in Traffic Tolls. If the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) wants to increase the tolls, citizens should have a decision and the right to vote on it.

  •    Push to eliminate or amend the Red Flag Laws 

  • Protect our Constitution an all Our Freedoms that are being taken from us. No identity should deprive us of our GOD given rights. 

  • Make Florida an Open Carry State.

  • Push the agenda for hire Florida, buy Florida, make Florida.

  • Protect the sanctity of life. (Pro-Life)





for State Representative, District 105


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